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Press Release

February 2004


Women for Cultural Wisdom Presents "Bam, the Land of Healing and Peace"

"Noe Sazi E Eskan Namaee Moolana dar Bam barayee Solh, Khod Shafa Bakhshi va Dosti"

Please join us on Monday, March 8th, International Women's Day, as we gather together for the healing ceremony of Bam! We will meet at Park Mellat in Tehran. Everyone is welcome!!

A Global Project to create an International Peace & Healing Village in Iran

Earth turns to gold
in hands of the wise
- Rumi

Dr. Sonia is coming to Bam, Iran, site of the devastating earthquake of a 6.5 magnitude earthquake on December 26th that killed 43,000 people and left 1153 children orphans. Traveling with a multi-cultural group from Women for Cultural Wisdom, Dr. Sonia will lead a special healing energy ceremony to bless the land, the soil and earth, and the people of Bam. A tree planting ceremony will be included to honor and heal this vital center of the Persian Empire, which since ancient times has led the globe in peace, healing and friendship. This ceremony will be the first step toward creating "Bam, the Land of Healing and Peace", an international peace project being proposed to the local government of Bam.

International aid has flooded Bam since the recent earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people and destroyed traditional cultures and eco-systems. Following a century that so far has seen more plans for war than peace, Women for Cultural Wisdom has created a plan to direct this miraculous outpouring into the spark that will create "Bam, The Land of Healing & Peace", a 21st Century global village designed to bring nations together for promoting good will, good health and peace. As part of the upcoming United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-14), for each of the 50-plus countries aiding Bam there will be a display representing that country's offerings of their vision of global education, peace and world friendship, and will include a collective display of audio and video presentations for visitors and tourists.

Plans for the new birth of Bam will include earthquake-proof domes featuring Moolana or Rumi's Dome (in Farsi called Gonbad). The dome embodies the energy that leads to renewal and symbolizes the common threads between Rumi's approach to life's energy, Persian and Chinese medical energy healing, as well as wisdom based on ancient traditions of established cultures that traveled the Silk Road. The light of life and energy the dome contains and creates will reflect each being's energy and Mother Earth's energy and power to heal. These domes are to be called "Rumi Domes" after Jalaledin Moolana Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet who is today the world's best selling poet. For centuries his poems have been Mid-East ambassadors of love and peace. The architectural design is based on traditional Persian and Islamic architecture that has been proven circle energy to withstand severe earthquakes and desert conditions, and is environmentally organic.

The international project "Bam, the Land of Healing and Peace," with Rumi's Dome is based on the original concept of Dr. Sonia Gaemi, founder and president of Women for Cultural Wisdom. Her global vision for healing and peace in Bam is based in part on her award-winning event, "The Village of Healing for World Peace," a demonstration of 72 countries held at the Presidio in San Francisco, California in 2000 that was conceptualized and organized by Dr. Sonia Gaemi with the cooperation of international organizations, and is also inspired by California Earth Art, Architectural Institute's Mr. Khalili and Dr. S. Talaee, and Iran Behishti University Students.

Dr. Sonia, who produces and hosts the weekly international television program "The Art of Self Healing with Dr. Sonia" on Appadana International Television, is a Doctor of International Education, a registered dietitian and medical Qi Gong Master. She proposes using the energy from many nations, Rumi's lessons of love, and the principles of Eastern and Western Medicine to bring energy from nature to heal Bam and the world.

Now, the international response to Iran's earthquake has created an opportunity for this Peace Village to become a reality! This grassroots project will lead the way to encourage women to take the leadership in health and healing. "Bam, the Land of Healing and Peace", is open for additional sponsors to join the growing number of international supporters, which includes those listed below. For further information contact Dr. Sonia Gaemi at (510) 466-5022 or please send an e-mail to

International Sponsors for "Bam, the Land of Healing and Peace" project:

  • Dr. Sonia Gaemi, President, Women for Cultural Wisdom
  • Dr. Sue Zipp, Director, Women for Cultural Wisdom, and advisor to the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations
  • Dr. Iraj Behpour, Vice President of the Cultural Congress in Iran
  • Mohandes Javid Hashemi, Project Information Director in Iran
  • Dr. Kenneth Fan, Congress Committee Cultural President in China and Taiwan
  • Mrs. Arasteh Amin Kermani, CEO
  • Dr. Abdolah Movahed, Iran's first wrestler to win 7 gold medals
  • Dr. Esmaeel Talaee, senior architect, and professor at Tehran University
  • Dr. Nader Khalilee, President and architect of Cal Earth
  • Dr. Richard Sambucetti, Ascetics and Operations Director, Borges Architectural Group, Inc.
  • Alan Senauke, President of Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Berkeley, California
  • Tam Dell'Oro - the sister of Tobb Dell'Oro, a Bay Area man traveling in Bam who was killed in the earthquake

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Dr. Sonia celebrating Persian New Year

Sonia in dome in BAM, Iran

Dr. Sonia with her grandchildren

Christine Jones
Created: 2004