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Press Release

By Dr. Sonia Gaemi, Ed.D., RD
ISBN 1-57224-373-2, (paper), $16.95, 200 pages
Publication Date: April 2004

February 2004


Research Suggests Hormone-Related Health Problems in Women Can be Controlled by Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Using a new food pyramid (called the Food Wisdom Pyramid to differentiate it from the USDA Food Pyramid) Dr. Sonia Gaemi explains why women need to eat a variety of foods in order to stay healthy throughout the various stages of their lives. Dr. Gaemi also advocates a diet mainly from the grains, vegetables, fruit, and legume food groups-rather than a high protein diet-and provides recipes based on this philosophy.

In her new book Eating Wisely for Hormonal Balance (New Harbinger), Dr. Gaemi explains the Food Wisdom Pyramid and how the flavors and colors of food indicate the presence of certain phytochemicals, recently recognized by nutritional scientists as key ingredients for physical and mental health. Dr. Gaemi gives a brief overview of how foods effect mood, neurotransmitters, and hormones; how the flavor and texture of food gives us important information about its nutritional makeup; and how eating healthily, cleansing the body of toxins, and taking pleasure in eating and preparing food increases our mental and physical energy and sense of well-being. Dr. Gaemi then goes on to explain how women can eat foods that will help their hormones stay balanced and healthy, thereby lessening or completely relieving symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Also included are tips for on food shopping, meal planning for a busy lifestyle, eating healthily while traveling, using leftovers, and insuring food safety. Dr. Gaemi introduces the idea of using teas as a food, and offers tips and recipes for mixing our own teas to relieve particular symptoms or just to keep our bodies in balance. Using stories derived from her nutritional consulting practice and around the world, and supporting these stories with research, Dr. Gaemi gives women concrete, practical suggestions and recipes for eating for hormonal balance.

About the Author of EATING WISELY FOR HORMONAL BALANCE--Dr. Sonia Gaemi, Ed.D., RD, a Registered Dietician with a doctorate in International Education and Psychology, runs a nutritional consulting practice in Berkeley, CA. Dr. Gaemi is an internationally known expert on multicultural food practices for self-healing, and has traveled and researched extensively. She regularly organizes and attends conferences on food and health and holds the position of Principle Investigator for the Public Health Institute of Berkeley. Dr. Gaemi has appeared in articles in Bay Area Businesswoman, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Oakland Tribune, American Fitness Magazine, The Contra Costa Times, and Courier, a publication of The American Dietetic Association.

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Dr. Sonia celebrating Persian New Year

Sonia with her grandchildren

Dr. Sonia with her grandchildren

Christine Jones
Created: 2004