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Press Release

February 2004


Dr. Sonia Gaemi will release her latest instructional DVD: "Soaring Wild Geese - Qi Gong"

The "The Art of Self Healing" or "Sorood Khod-Shafabakhshi" will be broadcast in English, Farsi and some Chinese, and features information on food and energy self healing for the body, mind and spirit. From the Silk Road to modern scientific study, host Dr. Sonia will demonstrate the relationships of whole food, culinary cooking with herbs, organic supplements, Chinese Medical Qi-Gong (energetic healing), pressure point tapping, tea for life, a toxin free environment, meditation and other integrative health practices for healing, preventing diseases and staying young.

The first step in world healing begins with self-healing. Teaching people to teach themselves is the model and has worked in many cultures and provides individuals with the ability for self-healing. History has experienced that women are valuable leaders and healers in health of the body mind and soul. When women's wisdom is heard the world will be healed. This is the century that Mother Nature is urging us to make the shift.

Dr. Sonia's guests will be visionary leaders making a difference in creating a healthy living environment using spirituality and a more body nourishing culture.

The purpose of "The Art of Self Healing" is to increase the awareness of health issues so all people can lead healthy lives. Qi-Gong, music sound and Rumi's poetry with samaa and a love for healing will create a diverse and healing T.V. show.

Sonia Gaemi, EdD, RD is an international speaker and T.V. Producer/host, food wisdom and Medical Chinese Qi-Gong energy therapist, and multicultural nutritionist. Dr. Sonia has devoted 30 years to private practice, researching, lecturing in Universities, and is the author of publications about the integration of ancient Silk Road and modern healing (East & West) methods. Dr. Sonia is the founder of Women for Cultural Wisdom (WCW) and organizes the One Day Peace & Self-Healing with Food project, supporting personal and spiritual growth through body/mind and food wisdom which is sponsored by the Bay Area's Mayors and UNA/USA Berkeley, Women's Health Leadership, Persian Center and Appadana International Television.

Contact: Dr. Sonia Gaemi, 510-548-1048

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Dr. Sonia celebrating Persian New Year

Sonia doing Qi Gong

Dr. Sonia with her grandchildren

Christine Jones
Created: 2004